welcome to my website!

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hello, i'm naomi (she/her)! this is my first website... sort of.

i made one for a research program i was in, and then barely started on one which i dropped. now im picking up this one. im hoping that i'll follow through since its hosted vs just on my laptop. it'll be updating when i have time so please enjoy yourself and the ever-changing page! and don't mind my messy source code... my fatal flaw is my absolute love of reusing code.

ps. most stamps have something linked! some are of the thing in the stamp, some are recommendations for you based on the stamp ❤ i claim no ownership of anything linked on this page, except for the fic you'll find by clicking on alphonse!

all about me!

a small introduction to your messy webmaster.
might learn more on another page if you do some snooping around.

also, this site is currently optimized for chrome but nearly perfect for firefox. i'll likely shift over to firefox in the coming months. not sure how this looks in other browsers.

age: early 20's

major: physics, possibly getting a math minor

hobbies: playing the banjo (folk punk / civil rights folk / old time), reading about judaism and jewish mysticism, playing tabletop games, reading comic books, writing fan fiction, reading weird web narratives, making zines, hanging out with my big brother. love a good arcade, antique mall or abandoned building but i dont go to them often enough to call it a hobby.

favorite music: folk punk, metal (classic, thrash, black), city pop, 60's folk songs, midwest emo and vocaloid

media favorites: to the moon/sigcorp series, nitw, golden kamuy, omori, legend of zelda, lotr, samurai champloo, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, mob psycho, princess jellyfish, gravity falls, codename kids next door, infinity train.

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40-ish playlists inlcuding fmab, samurai champloo, evangelion, omori, etc concept playlists within! vocaloid & nostalgia playlist linked.


*✧・゚:* welcome *✧・゚:*

ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭*ੈ✩ journal and articles

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pssst! if you'd like, you can add my button to your site and link back to my page with the url that's attatched! if not, just enjoy this funky little neil watts gif ❤ thnx!