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welcome to my website!

oh no, you found my secret lair!

this website is the pet project and sweet little rat in a cage of one "interstellar-shipwreck," a banjo-playing 20-something geek with a degree in physics, a negative modifier in graphic design and a quarterlife crisis she's desperatley trying to ignore by coding herself into oblivion. have fun exploring this (constantly changing and extremely varied) site!

early 2000's video of the [insert timespan]

9/28/23 - i finally made an about me page i like!!!! i will absolutely ride this high for days.

9/25/23 - updated some of the code for what pages currently exist to abide by better practices, but it's just not realistic to re-do all the code for all my pages. i guess i'll just start properly using my stylesheet and compartmentalizing my code from here on out.

as for to do's: i want to work on getting the main pages in the navbar sorted. that'll take awhile.